Northern Combustion Systems Ltd

Bogie Hearth Refurbishment

Before (left) and after (right) photos of furnace reconditioning


Northern Combustion Systems refurbished the above furnace, which was in a poor state of repair located in the North East of England.  The work involved installing a new furnace door and head drive gear with a pneumatic door clamping system and installation of new front jamb and lintel castings - these measures ensured the furnace door sealed correctly, improving fuel efficiency and heat up time.

A new refractory lined bogie complete with rack and pinion drive system was supplied along with new bogie seals down the furnace length and rear wall. The bogie runs on the customers original tracks which were found to be satisfactory. This system replaces the customers original method of removing the bogie from the furnace - a forklift truck and chain to pull the bogie out.  A full control system was supplied for the door and inverter controlled bogie drive ensuring smooth operation.

Refurbishing helps improve overall efficiency,  whilst being a cost effective and time saving method (compared to a new furnace installation) for the customer reduce downtime and keep production moving.



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