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4 tonne Heat Treatment Line with Quench and Rotary Charger

Heat Treatment Line

Heat Treatment Quench

Heat Treatment Lines

Complete Heat Treatment Line for hardening and tempering of steel bars. Supplied to Abbey Group, Sheffield, England.

Comprising of: Two Heat Treatment Furnaces, Water Quench, Adiabatic Cooler, Charging Machine and Loading Tables.

Furnace Specification:

                    Capacity:                             4 tonnes of stainless steel bars

                    Temperature Range:          550șC to 1200șC

                    Temperature Uniformity:    ±5șC upto 750șC

                                                                  ±10șC from 750șC to 1200șC

                    Control System:                  Pulse fired high velocity hot air burners with flue gas recuperation

Water Quench Specification:

                    30,000 litre capacity

                    Hydraulic lift

                    Multi-jet pumped agitation and recirculation

Charging Machine:

                    4 tonne capacity complete with 3 split forks

                    12 metre lateral travel

                    4 metre hydraulically operated fork travel

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