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20 tonne Heat Treatment Plant with Quench and Rotary Charger

20 tonne capacity heat treatment furnace, water quench and rotary charging machine


Charger accessing loading table


20 tonne capacity rotary charger can in future be used to serve extra furnaces simply by extending the track


Test load being placed in furnace during commissioning


Ceramic fibre lined furnace with refractory hearth and piers


Test firing of gas burners during commissioning


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       Heat Treatment Line - 25 tonne Proof Load Test Quench         


This plant was installed at a customers premises in Scunthorpe for the heat treatment of steel castings.  Transfer time for the load from furnace to quench is as low as 40 seconds, with the whole plant being PLC controlled.

Comprising of:  Heat Treatment Furnace, Water Quench Tank, Adiabatic Cooler, Rotary Charging Machine,


Furnace Specification:

                    Chamber size:                    3.4m (W) x 5.5m (L) x 1.9m (H) - above piers

                    Capacity:                             20 tonnes (including trays)

                    Maximum Temperature:    1200șC

                    Temperature Uniformity:    ±5șC in the range 550șC to 750șC

                                                                  ±10șC in the range 750șC to 1200șC following soak.

                    Burner Control System:

Water Quench Specification (suitable for future use with polymer):

                    Capacity:                             20 tonnes (including trays)                 

                    Tank size:                            5.6m (L) x 4.0m (W) x 3.5m (D)

                    Water / Polymer capacity: 75,000 litres

                    Hydraulic lifting mechanism, with full immersion of load in 10 seconds

                    Multi-jet  high velocity pumped agitation with re-circulation - 16,000 litres/min

Adiabatic Air Cooler

                    Duty:  to reduce quenchant temperature in tank from 45șC to 25șC in less than 4 hours. 

Rotary Charging Machine:

                   20 tonne (including trays)

                    Lateral travel can be increased by the provision of extra rails - allowing charger to serve future furnaces


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