Manufacturing Process


Manufacturing Process

Combustion Design

Our core business is to supply process heating equipment. Northern Combustion Systems in house combustion engineers are available to work with the client and proficient to evaluate and advise on solutions to their requirements with great consideration to thermal efficiency. The combustion design is the foundation to progress and incorporate the mechanical and electrical design and is key to give optimum performance to the process heating equipment.

Options for ANSYS; combustion modelling, can be provided. Selection of combustion equipment can be tailored to a client’s stock parts and components. Future proofing the process heating equipment is paramount for the equipment to perform for many years with consideration to the latest technology for the application.

Mechanical Design

The process heating equipment is to mechanically function. Consideration of existing plant or simply standalone the equipment is to perform in its surroundings, fit for purpose.  The project mechanical team will liaise with the client to tailor the equipment to suit their product and requirements from the concept design. Our mechanical team analyse and evaluate the design mechanism moving forward with the selection of parts, components, products and systems of the mechanical nature such as steelwork selection, sizing of shafts, bearings, gear motors to each fastener. Analysis and calculations ensure compliance with the relevant standards and client specifications support the technical reproducible drawings drafted with 2D and 3D software for the manufacture process.

Electrical Design

Each process heating equipment is bespoke and to our client’s needs. A project electrical team member will liaise and discuss options with the client of their equipment, integration of the new into their existing equipment or possibly the prospect of controlling third party equipment. In the case of third party equipment, our engineers can liaise direct with their design team to integrate the two systems, taking any stress away from our client.

Heat treatment processes generally require data recording and data management, this could be part of the new electrical system, or needed to be integrated with existing. Once these areas have been agreed our in-house electrical engineers will design the electrical system and creating CAD based reproducible electrical schematic wiring diagrams. This is then passed to our in-house control panel builders for the manufacture of the control panel.

Our PLC/SCADA programmers will write the programs and design the HMI screens as well as designing the data acquisition system.


All our equipment is manufactured on our premises using our own experienced and trained in the field fabricators, pipe fitters, combustion & electrical engineers. This allows us to keep tight control of our manufacturing time scales and product quality.

Refractory materials to internally line the process heating equipment is selected to perform with consideration to efficiency, cost constraints and the environment. Northern Combustion Systems include the service of supply and installation of refractory materials for process heating equipment and associated plant.

Delivery & Installation

Once the equipment is manufactured it is loaded onto transport or into shipping containers and delivered to our client’s site, UK or overseas. Loading consideration, depending on the size of the equipment is evaluated during the manufacturing process. The equipment may be fully or partially built or in a modular form ready for onsite assembly. Once at our client’s site the equipment is off loaded and installed and wired by our experienced trained engineers.


On completion on the mechanical and electrical site installation, commissioning engineers attend site to proceed with the commissioning. Northern Combustion Systems takes great pride in the equipment we manufacture and supply. Our commissioning engineers will go to great lengths to make sure the equipment is setup and performing to its optimal level, working with our client and testing the equipment with their products.

Customer service is our highest priority, so only when our client is completely satisfied with the supplied equipment will it be signed off. Excellent customer service will continue throughout the warranty period and beyond.