3-Metre vertical Fire Test Furnace


3-Metre vertical Fire Test Furnace

3-Metre vertical Fire Test Furnace

One of our ongoing projects is a 3-metre fire test furnace for the testing of fire doors and fire door carcasses. Our client can simultaneously test 3 single fire doors, or a single and a double due to its large size.

The maximum operating temperature of the furnace is 1250°c controlled over 3 zones with 12 x low velocity burners, six at either side. Furnace pressure is controlled via automatic modulating flue dampers, 1 x damper per zone.

At NCS we have developed our own fire test software running on a Siemens SCADA system. The software is loaded with current standard fire test curves with the ability for the operator to create, save/load any custom curves. This furnace has 125 thermocouple inputs to monitor door and casing temperatures, along with 12 analogue inputs for measuring other data such as deflection.

All data can be reviewed in real time and plotted on graphs, with all the data been securely saved ready for export for full test reporting.

The furnace and tests will be controlled via a glass fronted, elevated control room adjacent to the furnace. Adjoining this will be a glass fronted client room were clients can view the running test and live data on large monitors.

Due to be completed & commissioned by September 2020